J-Lo And Victoria Beckham Are Movie Buddies

Mommy movie buddies

You might find Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham to be an odd pairing, but in Hollywood, like in life, moms bond over being a mom. It’s no doubt that both celebrity moms have lots to talk about since they are both raising very young children in the spotlight.

But did you know they are also movie buddies?

Yes, the friends do more than just arrange playdates. In fact, they see movies together. Specifically they like to see The Hangover together:

Jennifer Lopez said the pair are due to watch The Hangover Part II since they watched the first one together:

“We saw Hangover together so now it is a tradition. So when I get back to LA we will go see it. We go dressed down in sweats and sneakers. We sneak in through the kitchens.”

Victoria is due next month with a daughter and J-Lo said Beckham is happily awaiting the arrival, “I saw Victoria the other week with the belly and she’s so excited,” said Jennifer.

Image: PCN

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