Jack Osbourne Will Be A Dad "Any Minute Now!"

jack osbourne, ozzy
Jack Osbourne posing with his dog.

It could be any moment now that Jack Osbourne will become a father!

The son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, tweeted that his fiancee Lisa Stelly’s due date was April 18, but so far there have been no labor pains on record.

On Tuesday (April 17), Jack tweeted, “Well @lisamarstelly is supposed to give birth to our baby tomorrow. Fingers crossed.”

And even though this is an exciting moment for Jack and Lisa, no one is more excited than the grandmother-to-be Sharon! “We’re very, very excited!” Sharon told Us Weekly. “We’re waiting for the phone to ring to say ‘Just get to [the hospital]’ and we will be there.”

“He’s very nervous — but nervous-excited,” The Talk co-host added. “He’ll be a very good dad. I think he’ll be very strict, but he’ll be a very good dad.”

We’re waiting in anticipation!

[Photo via Twitter.]