Jack Osbourne's Daughter Pearl Makes Her Magazine Debut

Baby Pearl makes her debut

Jack Osbourne and girlfriend Lisa Stelly’s one-week-old daughter Pearl Clementine has already made her magazine debut on the cover of Britain’s Hello! Magazine. The new parents are joined by grandmother Sharon Osbourne on the cover of the mag.

Inside, Jack and Lisa talk about their first few days as parents and how they decided on Pearl’s name. Lisa shares:

“Jack didn’t like [Pearl] at first. He liked Moxie. That could be the name of a Bratz doll. I was like, ‘Heck no.'”

Jack added, “I thought Pearl sounded like a grandma, but then I thought it would be really cute to have a little girl with a grandma name, so I came around to it.”

And while many of you are thinking, ‘Why is Sharon holding baby Pearl with Jack and Lisa next to her’ while giving her a questionable mother-in-law side-eye move, here’s an explanation. Considering that Jack and Lisa aren’t the biggest of celebrities, I’m sure the editors of Hello! decided to put Sharon in the middle just to help sell the issue a bit better. The interview itself is all about Jack and Lisa as new parents, though. Knowing Sharon, she’s probably already spoiling her little granddaughter as it is. I have to add, though, everyone does look great on the cover.

Photo via Hello! Magazine