Jackson Family Lands A Reality Show


janet-paris-prince-blanketActually, 4 out of the Jackson 5 have already filmed a 1-hour long pilot about the Jackson 5’s reunion, but Michael died before they could convince him to get the band back together. In the wake of MJ’s death, A&E has decided to forge ahead now making the show about the Jackson family and their day-to-day struggles.

No joke. Just as soon as many of us have finally stopped grieving the loss of King of Pop, now we get to watch a reality show about his family getting over their loss.

What would make the show really interesting to me, is if they’ve been filming the whole time since MJ’s death. Especially if the show focuses on Michael’s children, and of course his suspected “secret children.”

Hopefully, someone at A&E has realized that nobody really wants to watch Tito and Jermaine drinking wine coolers by the pool all day. The kids are what people find really interesting… along with MJ’s crazy relationship with his father.

Will we get to follow Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket as they adjust to their new family situation? Will we finally get to see Omer Bhatti do an interview and see for ourselves whether or not we think he’s MJ’s son? Reality TV is all about kids and parenting these days.