Jackson's Kids "Doing As OK As Can Be Expected"



With the controversy over child custody and relentless media coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral, we’ve neither seen nor heard from Prince Michael, Paris, or Blanket. That’s because grandmother Katherine Jackson has very understandably been shielding them from the media circus.

According to what a Jackson family friend told MSNBC:

“The kids are doing as OK as can be expected… They’ve been with their grandmother (Katherine Jackson) ever since and she’s doing everything she can to protect them from all the media focus,” the friend said. “They aren’t even close to processing all of this. They are probably years away from that, really. But they’re doing OK.”

It’s sad really, that the kids have to be kept in hiding during the aftermath of their father’s death, but I guess it’s way better than throwing them to the wolves.

When the friend said that the kids “aren’t even close to processing all of this,” I kinda wonder what she meant by that. Was the friend saying that MJ’s kids are emotionally stunted (which wouldn’t be too surprising)?

Or, were they just saying that the kids were young and it would take a long time to reconcile the loss?