Jaclyn Smith is Not Dead


jaclyn-smith-suicide-dead-death-died-did-jaclyn-smith-dieCalm down all you Jaclyn Smith fans – the Charlie’s Angels actress is not dead, as many internet sources are reporting. Rumors are circulating that Smith was shot in the head in her home in Honduras either accidentally or in a suicide attempt.

Smith is not even in Honduras, and she took to her Twitter page to refute the rumors:

Jaclyn is safe and home with her family. She is not in Honduras. It is a lie. >cc

Also, the actress’ publicist Jay Schwartz told TMZ earlier, “She is alive and well in Los Angeles … I spoke to her this morning.”

Just add it to the long list of celebrity death rumors that have been rampant lately. Again, these must be terribly upsetting to friends and family members, especially Smith’s kids. Can you imagine hearing a report that your parent had been seriously injured or had died? Not amusing.