Jacqueline Laurita Got a Little Filler & She LOVES It! (Photos)

Jacqueline Laurita BEFORE

Jacqueline Laurita got a little work done! Not that she needed it but this gorgeous mom of three decided to get a little filler this week. The verdict? She LOVES it! What did she she get done?

She got a little filler on her nose. She tweeted:  “U know how my nose was scooped a little too much? @drkassir took about 2 min. of his time2fill in that space to fix that.I freakin’ LOVE it!”

She added, “Here’s a profile pic.He just used a filler.Not permanent but Ill keep it up!I like it better.Never knew I could do that.”

Check out her “after” photo right here!

Plus she is also a “Huge fan of fractional laser! It takes years off ur face,repairs fine lines,wrinkles &sun damage.”

Photos: Via Twitter