Jada Pinkett And Will Smith Make Marriage Their Priority

The couple has been married since 1997.

It is difficult at best to keep the love alive in a marriage after a few years when kids come into the picture. It’s virtually impossible to maintain it in Hollywood. Yet Jada Pinkett and Will Smith make each other their priority, which is why their family is not on so successful, but so incredibly happy.

On a recent episode of CBS’ The Talk, Jada was a guest and she spoke about how the family as a whole let each other know they are loved. Jada Pinkett Smith reveals how her daughter Willow leaves her and Will love notes.

Will came out on the stage a few minutes later to plant a smooch (or three) on his wife and then disappeared backstage again to let her finish her interview.

Jada said she finds him to be the most hilarious man on the planet.