Jada Pinkett Smith Says Some Kids Make It, Some Don't

The talented Smith family

Jada Pinkett Smith might just have the most successful kids in Hollywood about now.

Actor Jaden, 12, and “Whip My Hair” superstar Willow, 10 are mature far beyond their means. They’re talented, successful, and creative before even making it to their teens years.

But Jada doesn’t see her kids are perfect or infallible. She tells Jet magazine that her kids will encounter life’s hardships, just like everyone else does.

Here she speaks about her daughter Willow:

“She’s gonna have her challenges, we all do. People think that a perfect child is a child that doesn’t make mistakes.”

Furthermore, she feels that life’s hardships are dependent to some extent upon luck.

I look at the Britney Spearses, the Lindsay Lohans, and all these poor young women out here who are going through it and, you know what, that’s part of it. Some of us survive, some of us don’t. If I’d had a magnifying glass on me when I was their age… Those chicks ain’t doing half the stuff I was doing. If it’s meant to be, my kids are gonna be OK.

At the end of the day, some of us make it and some of us don’t, and that’s life.

Sounds like a pretty laid back parenting style…and obviously whatever she is doing is certainly working!

Image: Pacific Coast West

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