Jade Duell: Hope Owen Wilson's Baby Mama Isn't Like Kate Hudson


owen wilson

Jade Duell and Owen Wilson are having a baby any day. But Owen Wilson’s baby mama Jade Duell is woman of mystery.   Our stealth Famecrawler staff can’t find any scoop about Jade.

Even the Ministry of Gossip has no details about Jade Duell, this woman is under the radar! Since we know nothing about Owen’s new love, let’s hope that Jade isn’t like Wilson’s former flame Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson was not good for Wilson. The actress dumped Owen Wilson—HARD—twice! Owen and Kate’s first breakup was reportedly a factor in Owen’s suicide attempt in 2007.

On August 26, 2007, Wilson was taken to St. John’s Health Center amid reports of a suicide attempt. He was later transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and his reps confirmed that the actor was being treated for depression.

Since the suicide attempt, Owen Wilson has done limited promotion for his films and he has never spoken publicly about his 2007 hospitalization.

Early in 2010, Kate Hudson tried to get back with Wilson but he finally wised up.

Owen Wilson deserves some happiness and it sounds like he’s found it with Jade Duell!