Jade Duell: Who Is Jade Duell, Owen Wilson's Baby Mama?

jade duell owen wilson girlfriend pregnant
Who is Jade Duell, Owen Wilson's pregnant girlfriend?

Owen Wilson is about to become a father! Reports came out today that Owen Wilson is expecting a baby with his girlfriend of one-year, Jade Duell. This is the first we’ve heard of Jade Duell’s pregnancy, and she is actually due any day! Owen Wilson definitely managed to keep his girlfriend’s pregnancy under wraps, and he’s done an even better job keeping Jade Duell’s identity a mystery. Who is Jade Duell?

Other than being Owen Wilson’s baby mama, there really isn’t any information about Jade Duell that I can find. All we know is that she is going to give birth in Hawaii, and plans on the delivery being “as natural as possible.”

Congrats to Owen Wilson and to Jade Duell…whoever she is!

Photo: PRPhotos