Poll: Jade Goody Has A Will, Do You?


jadegoodywithboysThe will of late reality star Jade Goody has been revealed. According to the Daily Mail, Jade left approximately $6 million to her two sons, Bobby, 6, and Freddie, 5.

Goody died last year of cervical cancer on Mother’s Day in England. She married a 22 -year-old named Jack Tweed weeks before her death. It’s reported that he will only get her old Volkswagen.

The boys don’t live with Tweed but with their father, Jeff Brazier. Her will states that if Brazier passes away before the boys grow up, guardianship will go to three of her closest friends instead of her mother Jackie.

As a parent, I feel it’s important to have a will so that my kids will get their inheritance. How about you? Do you have a will?



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