Jaden Smith Guest Stars In Justin Bieber's Latest Video 'Never Say Never'


Jaden Smith is set to take over the world. He’s got famous parents Will and Jada Pinkett, a new movie coming out, I Can’t Beleive They Made Another Karate Kid, and just earned some serious street cred with the pre-teen set for a rap in Justin Bieber’s new song Never Say Never and an appearance in the video. 

For those living in a cultureless cave, Justin Bieber equals the coolest. Everything he touches turns to Internet gold.  Remember in the early aughts when starlets clamored to hang out with Paris Hilton  to raise their profile, gain exposure, and show that they are in the ‘in crowd?’ Justin is the new Paris in this way. This video, which includes scenes from the movie, will be everywhere and with the Biebs posting links to the trailer on his Twitter, expect the film, opening June 11, to be a hit.

When Jaden hits Internet meme status, we’ll know he’s made it. Hope he’s ready.

Click through to see the video.  The song is predictably catchy.