Jaime Pressly: The Potty Training Blues


We do all have something in common with celebrity parents — they have trouble with potty training too! Jaime Pressly, 32, shared that she’s having difficulties potty training her 2-1/2 year old son Dezi James.

“He’s in the process of potty training, which is not going very well. Boys for some reason don’t like to go on the potty. I thought it was just my son, but it’s not.”

She seems to have a theory on this.

“It’s the majority of men. Sorry, little boys. Babies. Although I do think that if men had the opportunity to just go in a diaper and let someone else clean it they would.”

“He looks at his little girlfriend — who is his age and is potty trained completely — and doesn’t understand,” the actress says. “[He asks], ‘Why you don’t let Mommy clean it?’ Like it’s taken some time out of his day.”

She says she has her “fingers crossed” that by the time her interview was printed, Dezi would be fully trained. I think 2-1/2 is a bit young for a boy, so my guess is not yet. How old were your kids when they were out of diapers?


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