Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift: Does Jake Feel The Need To Impress Taylor?

taylor swift jake gyllenhaal dating
Is Jake Gyllenhaal Trying To Impress Taylor Swift?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have certainly been heating things up lately, and no one can stop talking about their unlikely romance. Even though neither Jake nor Taylor has confirmed that they are dating, it’s getting pretty hard for them to hide their relationship.

Rumors have been going around that Jake Gyllenhaal has been showering Taylor Swift with some pretty lavish gifts. Does he feel the need to impress her for some reason? Why is Taylor Swift different from any other girl he has dated?

The gifts that Jake supposedly gave Taylor include a $100,000 bracelet, a $10,000 guitar, and a coffee grinder. Jake Gyllenhaal’s rep denies that he presented her with these gifts, but why would people make up rumors like that?

Regardless of whether Jake Gyllenhaal gave Taylor Swift some over-the-top presents, it definitely appears that he is serious about pursuing a future with her.

What do you think…will there be Gyllenhaal/Swift babies down the road?

Photo: PRPhotos