Jake Gyllenhaal's Rockin' Birthday Gift For Taylor Swift

taylor swift, jake gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Rockin' Birthday Gift To Taylor Swift

So what do you get someone you’ve been dating for a little over a month? A $10,000 guitar, that’s what! Well, if you’re Jake Gyllenhaal and dating the adorable Taylor Swift you may.

Jake shelled out $10K on a rare Fender Gretsch for Swift, signed by country star Chet Atkins.

A source close to the couple said, “He spent the weekend in Nashville with her and she saw the guitar in a tiny store which a lot of A-list musicians use. Taylor drooled over it so Jake went back to the shop later and bought it for her. He was originally going to buy it just as a gift but it ended up being perfect for her birthday on Monday.”

These two get more and more adorable as each day passes. They seem perfect for each other. Jake seems to enjoy pampering and spoiling his ladies and Taylor definitely must enjoy it. I hope they two last for the long haul.

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