James Durbin American Idol Rock Star? Piano on Fire Ends Saturday Night's Alright

James Durbin American Idol rocker
James Durbin is American Idol's rocker!

Is James Durbin American Idol’s rock star this season? The piano on fire stunt to end his performance of “Saturday Night’s Alright” may have been over the top, but it was also straight up rock star cool.

Every season of American Idol has to have the rocker, and James Durbin more than fills the job description.

Durbin takes a different entrance for “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” for Elton John night on Idol, and burns up the stage… literally… with a burning piano!

James Durbin also works the audience – but here’s the thing. He’s totally comfortable in the rock star role, getting the audience up and clapping along, tossing the mic stand to the side, and slamming down on his knees.

I’ll take that over an Idol finalist’s ballad any day.

What do you think of James Durbin’s American Idol performance – and that flaming piano?