James Franco Returns to General Hospital Before & After Oscars! (SPOILER)


James Franco General Hospital

It was very odd when James Franco, an acclaimed big movie actor, would – as some might call it – go slumming on a soap opera. But that’s just what he did when he signed on to do the role of serial killer Franco on General Hospital. It seemed like just a passing fancy, an odd act by an actor up for experimenting with his craft. So far James Franco has appeared in about forty episodes of General Hospital. But James Franco, he’s coming back again! He will make a return on the episodes that airs on Friday and the episode that airs on Monday – bookmarking the Academy Awards which Franco will be hosting.

Spoiler ahead!

He will “wreak havoc once again in Port Charles as he makes a very important phone call to his arch-nemesis Jason Morgan,” ABC said in a statement. And in the released photo above, it looks like James Franco is even dressed for the Oscars in the episode!

Photo: ABC