Jamie Campbell Bower Talks About Playing King Arthur in Starz 'Camelot' (VIDEO)


Super cute Jamie Campbell Bower has quite a lot to say about his role as King Arthur in the first season of Starz’ Camelot, which is making its 2-hour season premiere tonight.

You might recognize 22-year-old Bower from his roles in a couple of big hits; he played an evil vampire in Twilight and played with wizards in Harry Potter.  Bower recently talked with MTV and gave us all a too-hot-to-forget little tease about tonight’s premiere: “You are going to see my bum cheeks, which is very nice.” Very nice, indeed! He also said that he hopes no one will complain, “apart from my grandma.”

So what does he have to say about Camelot? “You will meet the characters that you know so well, but you will not see them in the same vein that you’ve seen them before. You will meet Arthur, who’s a young boy living a very comfortable existence and then torn from that and taken to Camelot. You will meet Merlin (played by Joseph Fiennes); he doesn’t have a pointy hat or a long white beard or a wand. And you will see the world that the show takes place in.”

He also says that this version of Camelot is  going for “a reality and a humanism,” but also adds: “I think people are very happy to be taken away from the mundane existence and thrown into this magical world.”

I don’t know about you, but I am very much looking forward to Camelot’s season premiere tonight! You will find it at 10:00 PM (EST) on Starz. If you are looking for an overview of the show or want to watch the trailer, you can do so here.

To hear more from Jamie, watch the video below!

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