Jamie Lynn Spears Has a GOOD Hair Day! (Photos)

Jamie Lee Spears Loves Her New Hair

You know when you have one of those bad hair days? You throw on a baseball cap and try to avoid any and all people from seeing your hairy situation. But when your hair is looking good? Well then you want to show it off to the world. And that’s just want Jamie Lynn Spears did.

The Spears family? They love their long blond locks. Just like big sis Britney before her, Jamie had some long blond extensions put in and documented her new hair renewal and shared it with all her Twitter followers.

She said, “Check out what @bonnienjordan has done!! #gotmyhairlookingdamngood” adding that she was just “just trying to get my hair healthy again!!!!!

Check out photos of Jamie Lynn’s new hair right here!

  • The Extensions! 1 of 4
    The Extensions!
    These pieces of hair will soon have a new home.
  • What She Wore 2 of 4
    What She Wore
    During the long hair styling process, Jamie tweeted pics of her shoes.
  • Almost Done 3 of 4
    Almost Done
    A snap shot taken with her iPhone.
  • The finished look 4 of 4
    The finished look
    #gotmyhairlookingdamngood - Yup, one happy customer.

Photos: Twitter

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