Jamie Lynn Spears & Her iPad Disaster! (Photos)

Jamie Lee and Maddie

My family does not have an iPad, but boy oh boy do we want one. But one thing that has stopped us from shelling over the big bucks? A disaster like what befell the one and only Jamie Lee Spears.

Now, when purchasing an Ipad you may think you are getting it for yourself, but if you have kids, they will probably spend as much time on it, if not more than you. The games, the movies, the music…it’s a one-stop entertainment spot for the kids. But one thing about children, they’re a wee bit clumsy. And Jamie Lynn Spears daughter Maddie is one of those kids.

Jamie Lynn tweeted a message saying, “iPad shattered #thanksmaddie” Oops!  Oh, and she attacked a photo too! Check out the damage right here!

iPad Destoyed!

Photos: Twitter

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