Jamie Lynn Spears Is In Paradise: Is Maddie Briann About To Lose It? (Photo)


jamie lynn spears, maddie briann
Jamie Lynn Spears and Maddie Briann at a Britney Spears concert.

Jamie Lynn Spears recently jetted off to paradise in an attempt to leave town for a few days. The young mom packed up Maddie Briann and head out on Thursday (Dec. 8). But traveling wasn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies if you catch our drift.

With a toddler on deck, traveling and vacationing isn’t always the most ideal situation.

Jamie Lynn tweeted, “Whole day traveling and my child’s starting to lose it.. #onemoreflight.”

She added, “Where am I?? What time zone am I in?? #traveldaze.”

But after all the stress of traveling, Jamie Lynn and Maddie Briann finally landed in “paradise.” Take a look below!

[Photos via Twitter.]

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