Jamie Lynn Spears: Babysitting Fun With Babies! (Photos)


Jamie Lynn Spears might only be 22, but it looks like she loves surrounding herself with munchkins who crawl, spit, blabber and roll! Britney Spears’ younger sister has shared a new photo of her and a friend’s baby having a blast together while she babysat him recently. Talk about cute! It’s hard not to tell that Jamie Lynn LOVES being around babies! I’m sure that she has a lot of fun watching her sister’s two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James (even though they are much older now) whenever they are in town, too.

Take a look at our photo gallery of some of Jamie Lynn’s most recent Instagram photos and let us know what you think. The ones of her and Maddie are exceptionally adorable!

  • Babysitting 1 of 8
    Aunt Jamie Lynn is having a ball babysitting her friend's son while they're dancing by the mirror here together!
    Source via Instagram
  • Make-Over 2 of 8
    It looks like Maddie is giving her famous mother a make-over!
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  • So Cute! 3 of 8
    So Cute!
    Maddie and her friend Hudson.
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  • New Shoes! 4 of 8
    New Shoes!
    Maddie got these cute Lil' Bobs from Skechers as a gift.
    Source via Instagram
  • Easter 5 of 8
    Maddie and Jamie Lynn on Easter Day!
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  • Old School 6 of 8
    Old School
    It looks like Jamie Lynn takes Throwback Thursday literally!
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  • Power Ranger! 7 of 8
    Power Ranger!
    Fear no danger... she's a Power Ranger!
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  • Bright Future 8 of 8
    Bright Future
    It looks like Jamie Lynn has a very bright future with her fiancé!
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