Jamie Lynn Spears & ‘Teen Mom Chelsea Houska May Be Planning Playdates


jamie lynn spears, chelsea houska, teen mom
Jamie Lynn Spears before she became a mom.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Teen Mom Chelsea Houska come from the same mold. Both became moms in their teenage years, and both fell in love with boys who weren’t ready to be dads. Now, these young moms have held their own and raised two beautiful daughters. Maybe that’s why each is a fan of the other.

It all started when Britney’s little sis decided to follow Chelsea on twitter. Chelsea thanked the pop country singer through a tweet saying, “@jamielynnspears Thanks for the follow, girl! You’re daughter is gorge!”

Spears quickly responded with, “ChelseaHouska well thanks!! Your little girl is precious too!!”

Apparently Jamie is such a big fan of Chelsea’s that she took a Christmas gift suggestion from her – a boyfriend pillow! I suppose he’ll never hurt your feelings.

Let’s hope that these two girls plan some future playdates for Aubrey and Maddie! How would you feel about that?

Take a look at the fun photos of Maddie and Aubrey below!

  • Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Briann, and Casey Aldridge 1 of 11
    Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Briann, and Casey Aldridge
    Jamie Lynn, her daugher, and baby daddy in happier times.
  • Jamie Lynn and Maddie 2 of 11
    Jamie Lynn and Maddie
    They love to go to concerts.
  • Jamie Lynn and Maddie Love Britney 3 of 11
    Jamie Lynn and Maddie Love Britney
    The girls are at a Britney Spears concert.
  • ‘Teen Mom’ Season 2 4 of 11
    'Teen Mom' Season 2
    Chelsea's new banner. What do you think?
  • Girl Time 5 of 11
    Girl Time
    Chelsea and Aubrey enjoy each other's company.
  • Out on the Town 6 of 11
    Out on the Town
    Jamie Lynn and her daughter all dressed up for Halloween.
  • Maddie Briann 7 of 11
    Maddie Briann
    She was an ice princess.
  • Maddie Briann 8 of 11
    Maddie Briann
    What's so funny?
  • Celebrity Magnet 9 of 11
    Celebrity Magnet
    Chelsea already seems to be a celebrity magnet.
  • So Cute 10 of 11
    So Cute
    Aubrey makes the cutest faces.
  • It’s all Love 11 of 11
    It's all Love
    Chelsea and Aubrey would love hanging out with Jamie Lynn and Maddie Briann.

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