Jamie Lynn Spears Will Fight Casey For Custody


jamie-lynn-casey-custody-battlesI said last week that we hadn’t seen or heard from Jamie Lynn Spears and lo and behold, here she is, in the news.

Jamie Lynn is said to be gearing up for a custody battle with the father of her child Casey Aldridge. What makes him so interested in being a father now?

What do you think?

Well of course it’s the money, Honey.

Rumor has it that his family is urging him to fight for custody so he can get his hands on her fortune.

“His mom was overheard saying that if Casey wants financial stability, then he should fight for custody so Jamie Lynn would have to pay him child support. His family told him he could be another Kevin Federline and rake in the cash by being a stay-at-home dad!”

“…Casey is paying attention to his family’s advice, but he also feels that maybe be should just let Jamie Lynn and Maddie be. Money is a driving factor, and he’s weak when it comes to his mom and what she tells him to He’s really torn.”

I hope for Maddie’s sake he listens to his heart and just asks for visitation. He has to know what the world thinks of Kevin Federline and most of it’s not complimentary.


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