Jamie Oliver Interviewed by His Daughters: Too Cute!

jamie oliver kids
Jamie Oliver and family

Forget the typical, boring interview questions! Jamie Oliver was interviewed by his daughters for the June issue of REDBOOK magazine.

Poppy, 9, and Daisy, 8, had some good questions for their dad:

Poppy: Daddy, why do we like so many different foods?
Jamie: Because Daddy has always given you different kinds of things to try since you were very young.

Daisy: What do you and Mummy like to do when you go on a date?
Jamie: Mummy likes it when I cook her a lovely meal and we light the fire and have a few hugs.

Daisy: What was the most exciting job you’ve ever done?
Jamie: Probably when I was cooking for the G20 Summit, for our prime minister and many other countries’ prime ministers.

The June issue of REDBOOK will be out on May 17 if you want to read the full interview with Jamie Oliver and his girls.

Photo: PCN

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