Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Advice from His Daughter

jamie olivers food revolution
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver is starting a Food Revolution!    He got a great start last year in Huntington, West Virginia and has set his sights on the Los Angeles school lunch program for the second season.

He may have some high profile celebrities on-hand lending their support to his campaign to make school lunches across American healthy.   First up Ryan Seacrest not only promotes the show on his radio show, he’s signed on as a producer.

Oliver uses his four kids as his inspiration behind the movement and it is from his daughter that he has received the best advice of the season.   With his family on hand for this season to lend their support his daughter gave her words of wisdom as Jamie headed off to face off against the Los Angeles school board, “”Please don’t get arrested.”

Ah, from the mouths of babes!

Photo: ABC