Janet Jackson: I Don't Think a Whitney Is Gonna Happen Again


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Janet Jackson talks about the passing of her dear friend Whitney Houston.

Janet Jackson recently opened up to Prevention magazine about the loss of her dear friend Whitney Houston. To Janet, not only was Whitney a great friend, but she had a voice that no one will ever be able to touch.

In the interview, Janet recounted her first experience meeting Whitney and said:

“I remember, it was at the Grammys, actually.  It was the first time I was performing, actually…and someone from my camp was filming my performance backstage, and she and Luther Vandross were standing there, and you could hear Whitney  — and Luther in the background just cheering me on during the whole performance.  And I just thought:  How sweet.  How sweet is that?  Such a beautiful soul, such a beautiful soul.  And I wish more people would have had the opportunity to get to see that, to know that person, not just the entertainer, not just the voice….I don’t think there will be another like her, honestly.  Granted, there will be someone else that comes along with a beautiful voice.  But I don’t think a Whitney is gonna happen again.”

Theres’s no doubt that Whitney touched many people’s lives with her spirit and her sensational voice, but as Janet said, and we have to agree, there won’t ever be another Whitney. And it’s with that realization that we feel the reality of her passing.

What do you think of Janet’s comments?

[Photo via PR Photos.]