Janet Jackson Talks About Losing Michael, Adopting Kids


janet-jackson-harpers-bazaar-michael-jacksonIn her first interview since the death of her brother Michael, Janet Jackson opens up about losing her beloved older sibling.

“It will drive you crazy,” she tells Harpers Bazaar about the media coverage surrounding the painful event. “People can have rhinoceros skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you. Not everyone is stone, stone. I haven’t watched the news in weeks. I had to ask my chef, ‘How’s Obama doing?’ I haven’t read a newspaper. On top of that, [we’ve lost] a family member.”

In the interview it’s evident that Janet is still raw from Michael’s untimely death. “My brother is, I mean was…” she stammers when talking about Michael’s style. Shifting on the couch and staring at the floor, she adds, “You have to forgive me, because it’s really hard to believe he’s passed.”

Janet spoke lovingly of Michael’s daughter Paris, 11, who brought the crowd at her father’s memorial to tears when she said, “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.” Says Janet, “I was really proud. People said to me that Michael’s daughter speaking really gave them a sense of how he was as a father, in her words. Paris is incredibly smart; they are all so smart. She’s a sweet girl. The kids are doing well. They’re with all their cousins; that family love will keep them going.”

The singer also confirmed that she has split from her boyfriend of seven years, Jermaine Dupri, but it hasn’t dampened her determination to have children of her own some day. “I’d adopt,” Janet says. “And I think that if I’m really supposed to have kids, it will happen, if that’s God’s plan for me.”