Janice Dickinson vs. Tyra Banks: Who Is Right?


Supermodel mom Janice Dickinson has it out for former America’s Next Top Model colleague, Tyra Banks. Dickinson, who used to be a judge on the modeling competition, is speaking out against Banks and her statements regarding a new commercial for the show, which features a super-thin, 6’2″ potential model–and Banks reacting very positively to her.

In response to the controversial ad, Banks said that it was “misconstrued” and that “it is just impossible for me to see everything that’s created.” Dickinson says that’s a flat-out lie.

“[Ex]cuse me, but Tyra is the executive producer of that show,” Dickinson told Access Hollywood. “She has her finger on everything. No, I don’t believe it. It’s her show. She’s very controlling.” Dickinson insisted everything shot and shown for that TV show is “intentional.”

Is Dickinson right? Should Banks be taking some responsibility for setting a bad example for young girls?


Photo: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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