January Jones Is On Instagram And Her Account Is Awesome (Photos)


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January Jones is definitely not the ice queen that the media portrays to be. In fact it’s quite the contrary, as the celebrity seems to be downright cute, funny and likable with full of photographic personality on her Instagram account (if that makes sense…).

While we all know that the Mad Men star is not fond of the paparazzi (but then again who in Hollywood really is?), the actress does show a different side of her that we usually don’t see. Not only does she seem very down-to-earth, but she’s also a HUGE fan of Throwback Thursday pics, good poetry and of course, fashion!

Take a look at some of January’s Instagram pics here and let us know what you think.  This also makes me incredibly excited about the next and final season of Mad Men, too. I can’t help but wonder what’s instore for January’s character Betty…

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Photos via Instagram

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