January Jones Keeps Baby Daddy Secret on Birth Certificate

January Jones baby daddy secret
January Jones' baby daddy remains a secret

Keeping a Hollywood secret well guarded seems nearly impossible in this day and age, but January Jones is working on keeping the identity of her baby daddy under wraps.

If you thought a peek at January Jones’ baby’s birth certificate would reveal all, think again.

Nope, Jones left the father’s identity blank, as evidenced by the birth certificate on

That’s right – nothing. Nada. Zip… in the spot where the father’s name would be listed.

Will we ever find out who January’s son, Xander Dane Jones’ father is? Xander was born on September 13, 2011.

We’ll have to see how long January can keep the identity of her son’s child guarded. Eventually, it would seem that she would tell… for now, it’s her secret!


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