January Jones Spotted With Her Baby Boy Xander on Set of Mad Men

January Jones

Not even a month after giving birth, January Jones is already back to work.

The actress and first-time mom was back on the set of Mad Men on Monday.  We saw a photo of her as she was dressed in her role as Betty Draper.

But now Us Weekly has a photo of her little boy, Xander!

What a cutie!    Wearing shades and a lacy top, the actress held her little boy adorable in her arms.

Jones still has not revealed who the baby’s father is.  She left his name off the birth certificate as well.

Mad Men co-star John Slattery gushed about little Xander two weeks after his birth. “I’ve seen a picture of the baby. He’s beautiful,” Slattery told Us Weekly.

“She’s in love with that boy.”

At the Emmy Awards, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant said that Jones seemed “wonderfully happy” in her first days as mom.

“She is a loving, wonderful, hilarious girl who is an amazing wit and character. I think she’s one of the best!”