January Jones Talks Baby Names, Prenatal Yoga, and Pregnancy Cravings


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January Jones talks about baby names, prenatal yoga, and her pregnancy cravings.

Mad Men star January Jones talked to Johnjay and Rich radio show yesterday (June 13) and talked baby names, prenatal yoga, and her pregnancy cravings.

“I’m doing prenatal yoga,” she said, and added that she hopes to return to it right after the baby arrives. But, Jones admitted, “I’m just getting started, so we’ll see how it goes.”

And as far as baby names are concerned, Jones is having a tough time deciding.”I’m having a hard time. I’m looking for boy and girl names because [the gender] is going to be a surprise for me.” She added, “I’m open to suggestions.”

What kind of pregnancy cravings does January have? “We don’t have [Dairy Queen] in L.A., but I was just home visiting my family and I went, literally, every day! I made my dad take me. Pregnant or not, I love Dairy Queen. I usually get a cherry-dipped cone or sometimes I go for a blizzard and a chili dog if I’m really hungry.”

The father of Jones‘ baby is still unknown.

Who do you think the father is?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]