Japan Tsunami: Celebs Tweet Support For Japan Earthquake, Tsunami Victims

japan tsunami
Celebrities Tweet Support for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

The Japan Tsunami is nothing short of awful, and everyone around the world is praying for the people there after they were hit by a massive earthquake, which was followed by the tsunami. Those who were watching CNN after the earthquake hit watched in horror as video of the tsunami unfolded right before their eyes.

So far it has been confirmed that at least two dozen people lost their lives in Japan. Celebrities have been showing their support for Japan on Twitter late last night and early this morning. Here are some of the tweets they posted:

Alyssa Milano – “Prayers. Japan quake’s 8.9 magnitude makes it the 5th-strongest in the world since 1900.”

Hanson – We all #prayforjapan and are hoping that the rest o South East Asia is not effected as badly by the coming #tsunami Thinking of you all!

Carrie Ann Inaba – “Hey Hawaii – there’s a tsunami alert – due to the earthquake in Japan – stay away from the coastline…..go inland to be safe… take care.”

Shanna Moakler – “At the end of the day we are all in this together…everyone please stay safe…#prayforjapan”

Anna Kendrick – “What is there to say? Footage is horrifying, gut wrenching. Thoughts and prayers with Japan.”

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Japan, and everyone with loved ones there.