Japan Tsunami: Hawaii Braces for Tsunami and Celebrities Who Have Homes There


An 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of northern Japan on Friday, just before 1 a.m. EST.  This is the seventh largest quake in recorded history.

People living on coasts throughout the Pacific Rim were being warned to brace for tsunamis.

Warning sirens were sounding throughout Honolulu, Hawaii, following the quake. People in Hawaii were being told to evacuate up to a half-mile inland, CNN reported.

Celebrities who have second homes on the Big Island of Hawaii are Oprah, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammer , Roseanne Barr.

Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Chamberlain, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson  and  Michael Crichton have homes on the other islands.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this devastating news.