Jared Laughner or Jared Loughner Whatever You Call Him, He's Disturbed [Video]


gabrielle giffords

Jared Laughner or Jared Loughner is the man responsible for shooting U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and 11 other people at an event in Tucson today. Fox News reports the  name as Jared Loughner however ABC reports that his name is Jared Lee Loughner. No matter what you can Jared, it’s clear he was very ill.

Loughner’s MySpace page has been taken down but his YouTube videos are is still up. As you’ll see after viewing the video below, Jared is a disturbed young man.

Loughner recently posted three videos to YouTube, to introduce himself and a final one posted Dec. 15 titled “My Final Thoughts.”

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, and 11 other people were shot at an event today in Tucson.  The congresswoman was at a local event at a grocery store when 15-20 shots were fired.

The Pima County sheriff spokesperson report that at least 12 others were shot and confirmed the representative was “shot point blank in the head.”

Rep. Giffords was among Sarah Palin’s “Hit List” on Facebook where she targets Democrats who voted for the Health Reform bill and asks her fans to “take them out.”