Jared Padalecki: "I Hate Seeing My Son Sick"


Seeing your baby get sick is never fun, especially when they are at a age when they can’t tell you exactly what’s wrong or what’s going on. And for celebrity dad Jared Padalecki, he knows the feeling all too well.

The “Supernatural” actor recently opened up to People Magazine about his 9-month-old son Thomas’ first cold and according to the actor, it’s a “first” milestone he would rather not go through. Jared said:

“He just got sick for the first time. It’s a really vulnerable feeling when your kid gets sick because you can’t really do anything. You don’t just want to pack them full of drugs and make them feel better, so you’re kind of sitting there and he’s congested.”

And what’s even worse than Baby Thomas being sick? Jared is apparently congested, too. He added:  “That’s another thing — I feel like I got him sick.”

Aww, poor thing. Hot guys should never get sick, LOL. We hope they feel better soon!