Jared Padalecki Shares Group Pic Of The Supernatural Cast And Crew (Photos)


Actor Jared Padalecki has recently shared a very special treat for all of his Supernatural fans out there! The celebrity dad tweeted a photo of the entire cast and crew from his hit CW television show on his Twitter account over the weekend.

And yes ladies, the pic does include both Jared and his good pal, Jensen Ackles. He tweeted:

ӻ@TheJimMichaels: Our season GR8 crew photo! Thanks for all your support! The REAL Men (and Women) of Letters.

Check out the photo plus some more of Jared looking oh so HOT and let us know what you think. Tell us, are you a Supernatural fan? f Letters

  • The Cast and Crew 1 of 5
    The Cast and Crew
    Jared tweeted this pic of the entire cast and crew of Supernatural!
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  • Hmm…. 2 of 5
    Jared tweeted this photo of him and a new friend here, captioning it, "Anybody know what I'm supposed to do here?"
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  • Fun 3 of 5
    Jared looks cute even when he's acting like a goofball, doesn't he?
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  • Hot Daddy 4 of 5
    Hot Daddy
    Now I can definitely see why all the ladies go CRAZY over Jared!
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  • A Daddy Again? 5 of 5
    A Daddy Again?
    I wonder if he and his wife Genevieve are planning to have any more kids. I sure hope so!
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