Jason Hoppy Is Not Giving Up On Marriage To Bethenny Frankel — He Is Spotted With Wedding Ring! (Photos)

Jason Hoppy

The first thing you do when you know your marriage is over is take off the wedding ring! It is a sign of a promise that was forever. The only reason someone would not take it off, is if they were trying to prove that they were not giving up!

Jason Hoppy who was/is married to Bethenny Frankel was seen today running errands and wearing his wedding ring! Perez Hilton said early this week he has sources that say it is a publicity stunt to boost TV ratings!

I really don’t care what they do, I just want to make sure that Bryn is taken care of and hope for happiness for them all!

  • Jason Hoppy 1 of 5
    Jason Hoppy
    Jason Hoppy, ex-husband of Bethenny Frankel, still sports his wedding ring as he is spotted picking up a copy of the New York Post along with a few other items in New York City.
  • Go Away! 2 of 5
    Go Away!
    We know Jason does not like photos! Back off!
  • Day out? 3 of 5
    Day out?
    Jason has plenty of time to catch up on his reading!
  • The News! 4 of 5
    The News!
    It must be hard if the news is for him!
  • The Ring! 5 of 5
    The Ring!
    The ring!!! He must be holding out to see if there is a way to reconcile?

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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