Jason Hoppy Is Still Wearing His Wedding Ring: Is There Still Hope For Bethenny?


So, are they, or aren’t they? It looks like Jason Hoppy might be reconsidering his separation from soon-to-be ex-wife Bethenny Frankel as the reality television star was recently photographed still wearing his wedding ring, despite announcing his split with the Skinny Girl mogul.

People Magazine has all the deets, with a new pic of Jason still wearing his ring while taking a phone call and getting coffee on the go while in New York City on Friday afternoon. Bethenny hasn’t been seen since their split announcement, but it looks like Jason might be having second thoughts and could even be fighting for his marriage (which we are hoping is the case!).

The ex-couple got married in March of 2010 and welcomed a daughter, Bryn, only two months later. Even though there has been talk about trouble in their marriage for quite some time now, the two have managed to brush it off as gossip up until now.

To be honest, I’m really hoping these two do try to work things out for the sake of their daughter, Bryn. Bethenny has been fighting for just about everything in her life, and as hard as we all know marriage is, I just can’t see her giving up on her husband so easily. What do you guys think? Should these two give it a second go?

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