Jason Kidd Welcomes A Brand New Baby


jason-kidd-baby-girlfriend-russell-simmons-porschiaRumor has it that Jason Kidd and his girlfriend Porshla Coleman welcomed their first child together. The sex of the baby has not yet been released, let alone the name of the baby, but we offer our congratulations anyway.

The funny part of this rumor is that the congratulations came from her ex Russell Simmons.

He said: “While spending a great year of my life with Porshla Coleman, I learned that she is smart, independent and is making a positive impact on this world. As a teacher of yoga and a full-time philanthropist, she is someone who touched my heart, because of her kindness and her selfless spirit. She has moved on, found herself a new man that suits her well and they both are embarking on a exciting, new chapter in their lives. The negative portrayal of her by the media is so off-base, that with her graceful spirit she’ll brush it off and continue to be a force of change.

Congratulations to Porshla and Jason and may god bless them and their newborn baby.


Congratulations to Jason and Porshla on their new baby.

P.S. One more thing. Every time I read any little blurb about Russell Simmons I get the feeling that he is a classy guy.

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