Jasper Howard's Girlfriend Is Pregnant


jasper_howard-pregnant-murdered-girlfriend-confirmedJasper Howard was a star player at UConn and his life was cut short this weekend. He was stabbed to death outside the school sponsored victory dance that was held on campus.

What I didn’t realize was that his girlfriend was pregnant.  I saw that in the news this morning my heart instantly dropped. His poor family.

Jasper was devoted to his mother and little sister and was doing his best for them. One of his teammates, Kalana Greene,  said, “He’s from Little Haiti in Miami and he talked about doing everything for his mom and his two little sisters.”

Howard also wanted what was best for his own new little family, Greene commented saying, “I don’t want my family to live the life I lived. .. I want to make it good for them.”

The funeral arrangements haven’t been finalized yet, nor has his girlfriend been identified.

Our hearts go out to his family and girlfriend. They are going to need all the love and support they can get.

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