Jay Leno Steals: Tonight Show Causes a Taylor Swift Controversy (Video)


jay leno stealsTaylor Swift is making headlines again and it’s all Jay Leno’s fault!  The country superstar has been dragged into an Internet fray between the tonight show and a little known blog after the show lifted some material to use on The Tonight Show without giving proper credit.

The bit in question showed Taylor Swift’s many varied facial expressions each time her name is announced as the winner at the awards shows.  To set it up, Jay Leno mentioned that they were going to show a bunch of clips that The Tonight Show had put together.  The catch was that the show had nothing to do with the montage which had been compiled by a couple of bloggers.

The bloggers in question, Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer, had already had the montage featured on VH1 and immediately called the show out on the faux pas in a post titled, Jay Leno Ripped Me Off.  To his credit, The Tonight Show host did attempt to right the wrong by offering the overdue credit during the closing credits of last nights show.

What do you think of the Jay Leno / Taylor Swift controversy?