Jay-Z Says He And Beyonce Have Baby Fever


jay-z-beyonce-knowlesSince their secret wedding over a year ago, the anticipation has been building around the intensely private couple: when will Beyonce and Jay-Z make a baby? Well, it may actually be sooner than you think, since Jay-Z reportedly let it slip that having a baby is high on the couple’s list of priorities.

During a sit-down with Gotham magazine for the December issue, Jay-Z spilled the beans about the secretive couple’s baby plans. From the NY Daily News:

Her song “Single Ladies” is an Internet hit among dancing babies and now, Beyoncé’s working on a tot of her own.

This isn’t the first time that the couple has dealt with the baby question. Last April, Beyonce discussed her family plans on The View. When asked if she’d be having a baby in the near future, here’s what she had to say:

“I definitely want one, but I’m not ready for all of that,” she said then. “I don’t think a person should see that before her time. It was a little much. But I’m so in love with my nephew, and every time I see him I’m like, God, he’s just amazing.”

Considering the couple’s history of withholding info from the media, don’t expect too many details. Heck, Beyonce might be pregnant right now. I bet Beyonce will refuse to confirm that she’s even pregnant until a few days after the baby is born.


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