Jay Z Talks Baby Blue: Her Childhood Will be NOTHING Like His

Jay-Z and Baby Blue!

Acclaimed author Zadie Smith (of White Teeth and On Beauty fame) wrote a wonderful profile of the one and only Jay-Z for the New York Times Magazine. And while most of the story was about his music, Zadie Smith, at the end of the piece, added, “At the last minute, I remembered to ask after his family.” His reply was a natural,  “Oh, my family’s amazing.”

Ms. Smith used Jay-Z lyrics to relate to his reality – then and now. She noted his words, “Marcy raised me, and whether right or wrong/Streets gave me all I write in the song.” She then questioned the new father asking, “But what will TriBeCa give Blue?” Jay-Z replied with, “I actually thought about that more before she was born. Once she got here I’ve been in shock until maybe last week?”

Jay-Z is apparently fully aware that Blue’s childhood will be nothing like his… “We would fight each other. My brother would beat me up,” as if prepping for a hard life. “I was going to have to fight, I was going to have to go through some things, and they were preparing me.” He smiled when speaking of Blue saying, “She doesn’t have to be tough. She has to love herself, she has to know who she is, she has to be respectful, and be a moral person.” And isn’t that everyone’s hope for their daughter?

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