Jaycee Lee Dugard: Her First Year Of Freedom


One year ago today, Jaycee Lee Dugard was rescued from the home of Phillip and Nancy Garrido after being held captive in their California backyard for almost 18 years. Dugard is now 30 years old, with two daughters (with her captor, Phillip). Though, aside from one interview with People in 2009 and an on-camera interview with ABC’s 20/20 earlier this year, the family has been very private about their lives, RadarOnline has reported some updates.

Dugard, who has been living with her mother, Terry Probyn, and daughters has received her driver’s license, started work toward her GED, and talked about plans to go to college, all in the year since her rescue. While the Garridos are both in prison, awaiting trial, the California state assembly did award a $20 million settlement to Dugard, her mother and daughters on July 1, 2010 (Governor Schwarzenegger signed the bill eight days later). Shawn Chapman Holley–yes, Lindsay Lohan’s on-again, off-again lawyer–will represent Dugard in the legal battle against the Garridos.

Dugard’s biological father, Kenneth Slayton, who claims he never knew Dugard was his daughter has also been speaking out about her situation.“I have had many nightmares over the years wondering if I could have done more to help Terry and the baby,” he said during a press conference at lawyer Gloria Allred’s office last year. “We are hoping and praying that she will hear us and take the first step in helping us confirm that she is my daughter.”

Slayton also spoke to RadarOnline, saying, “I wish my daughter, Jaycee, and my grandchildren the very best. My wife, Jaycee’s sisters and brother, and I send our love and support to them.”



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