Jayson Werth Lashes Out At Dad And Kid


Woe to those who get in Philadelphia Phillies player Jayson Werth’s way. Last night, the intimidating baseball player reacted, well, not so calmly when a father caught a foul ball that Werth was also going for (which then would’ve been an out).

Of course, this guy is making his living off of baseball, and he wants to win–they all do, and we can understand that. But, the ball went at least partially into the stands, and this zealous father went for it–and gained a memento that would’ve probably had a place of honor in his home and been a source of great stories for years to come. Instead, things went totally awry, and the father–who was with his young son at the game–was on the receiving end of Werth’s outrageous rant. The baseball player threw out a slew of curses and angry statements that were directed at the father, but of course were heard by the kid (and all the other fans nearby, for that matter).

So, instead of being witness to his dad catching a foul ball at a Phillies game (which, for the record, the team won anyway), this son was likely traumatized by one of his possible sports heroes unleashing complete negativity and anger at his adoring fans.

Did this “incident” really warrant Werth’s outburst? Even if the Phillies hadn’t won, and that catch really did make the difference between a win and a loss (which, again, it didn’t), would it have been acceptable? Werth had to know there was a kid, and lots of other diehard fans–who pay good money to see him play; money that makes it into his pocket.

What do you think? Should Jayson Werth have handled the situation differently?



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