Jazmin Grace Grimaldi: The Lowdown on Prince Albert's American Daughter


prince albert When Prince Albert announced his engagement to Charlene Wittstock today, royal watchers in America immediately thought of Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, and what she might be thinking about the Prince’s upcoming marriage.  That’s because Jazmin is the elder of Prince Albert’s two illegitimate children, and the only one who’s American. Her story, below.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi was born on March 4, 1992 in Palm Springs, but Prince Albert didn’t admit to being her father until two years later. Reports have it that he did that for her own good, hoping that she’d be able to live anonymously. She still lives in California, where she recently graduated from a Roman Catholic high school in Orange County and sang in the school choir. In the Fall, she’ll start at Fordham University in New York.

As for her free time, she’s been seen in Monaco with jazmin grace grimaldiher mother for visits (her mom, Tamara Rotolo, originally met the Prince and had a short affair with him while on vacation in Europe). Prince Albert insists that he’s not hiding his illegitimate kids (the other is a son, Alexandre Coste, born in 2003 and now living in France). He once told Paris Match magazine, “What matters to me is they are certain of my affection for them.” He also told the magazine that he’d be happy for Jazmin to study and live in Monaco. That’s Jazmin, at right, on a Paris Match cover in 2006.