J.D. Salinger's Death Brings Ex Joyce Maynard Into the Spotlight


jd-salinger-joyce-maynard-catcher-in-the-ryeJ.D. Salinger died today at the age of 91 and it has brought attention to Joyce Maynard and her relationship she had with the reclusive author. The two met and moved in together in the ’70’s when Salinger was 53 and Maynard was 18. Their relationship ended over Maynard’s desire to have children.

Maynard was a Yale university student when she wrote an article for The New York Times that garnered a lot of media attention and prompted a fan letter of sorts from Salinger. The two began a correspondence and Maynard dropped out of Yale to move into Salinger’s New Hampshire home. The relationship lasted a little over a year and ended abruptly because Maynard wanted Salinger to father her child — he refused because he felt he was too old.

Maynard eventually married a Yale graduate her own age and had three children. She has written two memoirs and several novels including To Die For that was made into a movie starring Nicole Kidman.